Moelwyn Mawr and Moelwyn Bach Walk, Gwynedd, North Wales

Although we’ve experienced some gale force winds this weekend, the skies have been perfectly blue. So my new golfing buddy, Ian, and I decided to do a walk rather than attempt to whack an all too small round object into an only slightly larger hole. πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ

The choice of walk was quite easy, for me anyway, as I stare at these “Moelwyns” every day – when it’s not raining of course. (You can see them to the far right of my banner picture). And what a treat we had…

Setting off from the small village of Croesor, the track gradually ascends to some disused slate quarry buildings and then turns sharply upwards to the back of Moelwyn Mawr (mawr meaning big) at 770m or 2,526ft. The 360 degree views were so impressive that I decided to take a video, which I’ve added after the usual photo gallery below, (though I’ve muted the sound as the noise of the wind was almost deafening!)

From there we dropped down and across Craigysgafn to the path, visible in pic 18, to the left, and then up to the top, of Moelwyn Bach (bach meaning small) at 710m or 2,329ft. It was then a case of retracing our steps to Bwlch Stwlan (bwlch meaning col or pass) and descending back to Croesor along Pant Mawr (meaning Big Hollow).

I hope you enjoy this walk as much as we did. 😊

10 thoughts on “Moelwyn Mawr and Moelwyn Bach Walk, Gwynedd, North Wales

  1. What a beautiful walk in the mountains πŸ™‚ The panorama (video) is so nice to see. I can imagine it would be a bit warmer with less wind πŸ˜‰ We also had windy day but this week will be fine with +18Β°C and almost 100% sunny. Thanks for sharing your mountain tour.

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  2. These are beautiful shots, what a great adventure, Mike! You’ve still got mountains to climb, not quite Swiss-size πŸ˜‰ but you’re love to ascend and descend is still easily available when they beckon to you. I love the ladder bridge over the wire fence shot! Did you have to climb over it to continue the trail?

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