Mike’s Music Monday #13

My favourite number is 13.  I was born on a 13th (not a Friday, unfortunately) but I’ve never been superstitious.  I deliberately walk under ladders.  So for number 13 on my hit list, I had to pick a song which is very special.  It’s been viewed over 75 million times on YouTube, so there must be a few people out there who will like this.

For a while, there was phenomenon going around called Rickrolling, where this song would be played in places where you would least expect it.  Well, this is not one of them, (but I reserve the right to pop in a link to it in future 😉).

Watch out for the barman doing a jump where he touches his hands with his feet.  Incredible – just like the song!

Mike’s Music Monday #12

This week we’re back to the early 80’s with a disco classic.  It’s certainly a flashback for me to the ‘good old days’ and many of you will need some imagination to enjoy it.  Certainly my friends (who I’m currently walking with in Northumberland) will hate this song.   So it’s just as well we may well be out of wifi range!

Mike’s Music Monday #11

I had the pleasure of seeing this group live at the Hammersmith Odeon many (blue) moons ago, while I was at University in London.  (I’m not sure how I could afford the ticket, but there you go…) They were on before the Four Tops and I have to say they outshone them by far.  I still have their LP on vinyl, though they were/are known as the Detroit Spinners in the UK, to avoid any confusion with another group called The Spinners.   Whatever, this is a great song, and the video from Soul Train is a classic!


Mike’s Music Monday #10

OK, pop-pickers, as I think Alan Freeman used to say on UK Radio 1, here’s an oldie but a goodie (and I don’t mean Tim Brooke-Taylor or Bill Oddie or Graham Garden).  This song takes me back to when I was young and hadn’t a care in the world (other than trying to learn ancient Greek at school!) I hope you enjoy! 😊

Mike’s Music Monday #9

Let me bring you a little bit more up to date – well, to the early 90’s.  I’m not sure if M People made it in the States, but they are certainly one of my favourite groups.  From the very first time I heard them, possibly even listening to this song, I was a fan.  The lead singer, Heather Small, has such a rich and soulful voice, it just makes it for me.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy this song from their first album, Northern Soul.

Mike’s Music Monday #8

I’m not quite sure why it is, but I always seem to hear my type of music being played wherever I go.   It doesn’t matter if I’m in the local supermarket, or any of the shops around town, the airwaves are filled with Mike’s Music.   Even during the Geneva Open tennis last week, they played songs in between games to entertain the crowd.  As well as Celebration there was this particular song by Indeep, which was released in 1982.  Enjoy and have a great week!

Mike’s Music Monday #7

It’s amazing how some tunes can transport you back in time to moments or certain experiences in your life.  This song, by Van McCoy, takes me back to the time I played rugby for Askeans in Kent, waaaay back in 1975.   I’ll not tell you what the other lads used to sing instead of “Do the Hustle”, but they were great days – training twice a week and playing on Saturdays, always followed by a few beers of course.  😊

The ‘proper’ video for this song was pretty boring, being just a few still images, and I didn’t think Pan’s People dancing in Baby Dolls was quite appropriate.  So I selected this much better quality video featuring a popular Japanese dance group called Perfume.  (I’ve never heard of them, but you learn something new every day!  Watch out for the moving pavement though).

Mike’s Music Monday #4

This week we go back to the disco beat with a tune by Phil Fearon and Galaxy called Dancing Tight.  Born in Jamaica in 1956, Fearon moved to London when he was 5 and eventually set up a recording studio in his North London house.  Together with backing singers, Julie and Dorothy, he had his first hit with this record, reaching no. 4 in the UK  in 1983 (according to Wiki).  However, the video below says 1984 and was probably taken from the UK’s infamous Top of the Pops TV programme.   I’m not sure if he made it in the States, but he did have 2 other UK Top 10 hits ‘Do What I Do’ and ‘Everybody’s Laughing’ (the video for which is worth watching in itself).

Don’t miss the forward flip half way through the song.  Impressive or what!?

Mike’s Music Monday #3

After the Celebrations of last week, I’m afraid I have to be a bit more serious this week as it will be a year since my dad died, aged 94 and a half.  He liked halves, whenever you asked him how long he would be he’d always say “5ft 8½”.  He liked his little jokes.

Anyway, his favourite song was, ironically enough, Take My Breath Away by Berlin.  Released in 1986, it shot to fame as one of the soundtracks in the film Top Gun.  (My dad used to work in the Aircraft Industry, so maybe that’s why he liked it).  It reached no. 1 in Belgium, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, the UK and the US.  So, he wasn’t alone in liking this song.