Walks in the Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

Welcome to another adventure…

The Val d’Hérens is blessed with a wide variety of walking routes, from simple strolls along the riverside to high mountain treks. The following pages describe 33 walks for you to enjoy. They are divided into three simple categories: Easy, Medium and Challenging, according to the distance and total ascent, as indicated beneath each heading.

How to use these pages:
Please click on the links or images below to find a numbered map and a list of walks in that category. Beneath the map you will find Overview descriptions and the total length and height gained for each walk.

A further link from each Overview will then take you to a Map, a Gallery of photos and a detailed Route Description.

If you are new to walking at altitude, or simply a little out of practice, it is recommended that you start with an easier, perhaps lower altitude walk before moving on to something higher or more difficult. Please also take note of the Warning and Disclaimer below.

Warning and disclaimer:
While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these pages, the author cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

Please check the weather forecast and ensure that you are suitably equipped for the conditions.

Some of the easier walks can be done in winter, or when snow is on the ground, but please be aware that the paths can get quite slippery, especially in shaded areas and on slopes if many people have already been along the route and compressed the snow.

The Val d’Hérens: