Spring has definitely arrived in North Wales…

There was great excitement here yesterday (on my part anyway) when Jude announced that she had seen a butterfly while pottering around her vegetable garden. No sooner had she uttered the words and I turned around and there it was. (See pic 1). And, later, while admiring all her hard work, I spotted another…

I think the walking season may have just begun. 😊

12 thoughts on “Spring has definitely arrived in North Wales…

  1. I write the same as I wrote to Brian, lucky you!! Spring made a very short visit here in Paphos before it returned to winter. Right now the thermometer shows 2+ and the other day we had snow!!!
    But I’ll not complain, I see new kinds of spring flowers every day and listen to bumblebees buzzing and when the sky is blue it feels really nice, after all.
    Wonderful images from your place on earth.
    Sooner or later, it’s my turn to explore different butterfly species found here in Cyprus compared to Malta πŸ˜ŠπŸ¦‹

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