Medium Level Walks (between 10 & 21 km and more than 500m ascent)

Below is a brief description of each walk. Click on the walk heading or image to see:
  • an outline map with height profile,
  • a gallery of photographs taken on the walk and
  • a detailed description of the route.
Whichever walk you choose, you will not be disappointed, as I’m sure you will find something interesting as you wander along. Enjoy!
11. Thyon Ridge Walk
View of the Thyon ridge

Although not strictly in the Val d’Hérens, this is without doubt one of the finest walks in the area, so it is included for that reason alone.

From Thyon, the initial climb is quite steep, but it soon levels out and you will be rewarded with a fine walk, which undulates along the ridge, gradually gets higher. It gives incredible views in all directions, including Mont Blanc, the Eiger (on a good day) and the Matterhorn.

The walk can be extended up to 11.5km and 970m of ascent, by continuing along the ridge to Crepon/Greppon Blanc. (See Route description).

Note that the ridge is not particularly vertiginous, e.g. there are no vertical drops, but some people may find the odd short section unnerving, as the slope goes away on one or both sides. However, if you have only one opportunity to do a high level walk in the region, make sure this is it!

Distance: 8 km
Height gain: 600m

13. Eison Loop, from Evolène

After an initial climb to Volovron, the path undulates nicely through the woods to Eison, giving occasional, but fine, views across to the far side of the valley. The return is via a lower path which takes in the Chapelle de la Garde.

Distance: 12.25 km
Height gain: 630m

15. Alpage de L’Etoile
Farm sign

An alternative to walking up to Villa, La Sage or La Forclaz, is to take the path up to the alpage on the opposite (west) side of the valley. During the summer, there are numerous butterflies and flowers to be seen.

There is also a hidden gem along the route, in the form of Le Tsalè de la Cretta.

Note that, if legs and feet are getting a little tired, the last climb to the Les Chottes de L’Etoile can be omitted, (saving 100m of ascent) and/or the bus can be caught back to Evolène, (saving 3.5km of distance).

Distance: 14.1 km (max)
Height gain: 925m (max)

17. Tsalè de Bréona from La Forclaz
Above Mayens de Bréona

This walk gives fabulous views of the Ferpècle valley and takes in many of the old traditional buildings on the Bréona alpage.

It can be shortened (and height gain reduced), by taking either of the two alternative paths to Tsalé de Tsaté, or lengthened by walking down to Les Haudères or Evolène.

Distance: 6.5 km
Height gain: 545m

23. Cabane de la Tsa Walk
Cabane de la Tsa

This circular walk can be done in either direction, but the climb from Arolla is less steep, so that option is described here. During the ascent, don’t forget to keep looking back as the valley floor disappears into the distance.

The cabane is open during the summer, but please check their website, if you are looking to stay or have something to eat. There is a short rocky scramble across to the descent, which is quite steep, but it’s not vertiginous in any way.

Distance: 1 – 3km
Height gain: Negligible

12. La Luette to Passarelle de la Combe and Euseigne
Passarelle de la Grande Combe

This is a very peaceful walk, which undulates along the east side of the valley. It crosses the Passarelle de la Grande Combe before passing Ossona and dropping down (steeply) to Combioula, where there is a natural hot (well, warm) spring.

In summer there are many butterflies to be seen, including the rare and, in some countries, protected Apollo.

Distance: 10.2 km
Height gain: 550m

14. Pic d’Artsinol (@2,998m/9,836ft)
Wooden cross at Pas d’Arpille

Although not quite reaching 3,000m, this is one of the finest walks and viewpoints in the area, which is made much more achievable in the summer by taking the chairlift up to Chemeuille from Lanna. (Hence it makes the Medium category).

The walk is not too taxing until you reach the quite steep climb before the col. It’s well worth the effort of getting even to the col as, just a short way up the ridge, you get a fabulous view of the Dixence dam.

Be sure to check the time of the last lift, if you are not planning on walking back down to Evolène.

If the chairlift is not running, then it’s a good 700m extra climb AND descent, so it does become quite a challenge.

Distance: 11.1 km
Height gain: 890m

16. Mayens de Cotter from Evolène
Meadow below Mayens de Cotter

If you are looking for a suitable walk to do in the late Spring, when the snow has not yet melted away, or on days when there’s low cloud cover, this walk can come to the rescue.

It’s quite a stiff climb up to the Mayens de Cotter, but from there it’s a very pleasant stroll along a track at a little over 2,000m. There is another short climb before descending via La Forlaz back to the start or to Les Haudères if you prefer.

Distance: 12.8 km
Height gain: 980m

18. Roc Vieux from Les Haudères
Valley view

The Evoléne/Les Haudères valley is dominated by the the “Twin Peaks” of the Grande and Petite Veisivi. Who cannot have looked upwards and thought “Wouldn’t it be great to look down on the valley from up there?”

Well, it is possible, though not from the top (unless you are a climber). About half way up, where the tree line stops, is Roc Vieux.

While it can also be done from the Arolla road, the route described here is from Les Haudères.

Distance: 11.85 km
Height gain: 950m