Walk 21: Les Haudères to Arolla (Distance: 7.9 km and 675m ascent)

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Walk 21:  Les Haudères to Arolla (Distance: 7.9 km and 675m ascent)

Although this is a one way, uphill climb, it has a lot of variety and has two refreshment points along the way. Of course it can be done in reverse, which would make it into an “Easy walk”.

  1. Follow the road out of Les Haudères towards Arolla, (taking care, particularly around the left hand bend, as there are no pavements).   Just after the right hand bend and the bridge going over the river, take the road/track on the left hand side (signposted), which rises past some chalets.  After about 100m there’s a shortcut path to the right.  This path can be overgrown and damp in places, so it’s often easier to continue along the track and take the right hand turn or fork right at a signpost.  The stoney track continues upwards and climbs quite steeply in places. 

    After about 2 kilometres there is a signpost and fork in the track – go right here and continue upwards. As you pass a small chapel on the right, there is a bend in the track (which goes back to the Arolla road). Continue straight ahead but veer off slightly to the right. (The path directly ahead is a little unsafe due to erosion).  The path rises, more or less to the road, but then descends again to meet the original path.  Directly ahead you will join the road and find La Gouille around the corner. Refreshments are normally available here.

  2. La Gouille
    Continue along the road for around 200m and look for a path which descends on the left. Drop down here and cross the bridge. The path rises again towards some chalets. Turn right at the chalets and head up the valley. The path/track bends to the right towards a bridge, turn left before the bridge and walk up the left side of the river. You will soon come to another bridge. Cross over here and walk up the road to Pramousse*.

    (Of course you can cross over to explore the village of Satarma, before continuing up the road to Pramousse*).

    *Note: In 2020 the river was re-routed in such a way that it blocked the usual path on the left side of the river. So, unless things have changed since writing, it is necessary to walk up the road for this section.

  3. Pramousse
    As you approach Pramousse, a track goes down to the left. Take this track and cross over the bridge, then turn immediately right. The path broadly follows the left hand side of the river, eventually being on some wooden duck-boards, before the path rises to a metal suspension bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the path towards the left as it passes between some wooden chalets to the Hotel Aiguille de la Tsa.

  4. Hotel Aiguille de la Tsa
    Walk up the track which runs parallel with the road and cross over the road to take the path opposite (and slightly to the right). This path rises for around 60 metres, before bending to the left (with another path coming in from the right). Follow this path as it rises up to Arolla.