Walk 18: Roc Vieux from Les Haudères (Distance: 11.85 km and 950m ascent)

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Walk 18:  Roc Vieux from Les Haudères (Distance: 11.85 km and 950m ascent)

As you might expect from its advantageous position, Roc Vieux gives the best possible views over the Les Haudères and Evolène valley.   However, it also provides a great views of the ridges on either side of the valley – including the Dent Blanche, the Pigne d’Arolla, Mont Blanc de Cheilon and the Aiguilles Rouges. 

  1. Take the road out of Les Haudères towards Arolla.  Just after the right hand bend and bridge going over the river, take the road/track on the left hand side (signposted) past some chalets.  After about 100m there’s a shortcut path to the right.  This path is often overgrown and damp in places, so it’s often easier to continue along the track and take the right hand turn or fork at a signpost.  The track continues upwards and climbs quite steeply in places.  Follow this track for around 2 kilometres to another signpost and fork in the track.  Descend to the left and cross a bridge.  The track continues to meander upwards and eventually reaches a group of wooden chalets at Mayens de Veisivi.   

  2. Mayens de Veisivi
    On one of the chalets, there’s a signpost pointing to go right to Roc Vieux.  Follow this direction to another signpost.  Here there are 2 options:
    – either traverse around to the left hand side, across the left hand side of the field towards the woods, then go up a small rocky wall and turn right across the front of the woods.  (Do not turn left at the corner). 
    – or you can follow exactly the direction indicated by the signpost, which is diagonally across the field towards the far right hand side of the woods, where there’s a gap.

    Whichever you choose, the path rises slightly along the near side of the woods before bending to the left, up a gully and to the left of a stream.  Soon the path enters the woods and zig-zags upwards, quite steeply in places.  

  3. As you leave the woods, the path splits into two.  Take the left hand path and follow the usual red and white marker signs across a rocky meadow.  The path continues through some more trees before finally reaching the wooden cross at Roc Vieux.  (Take care, there’s a very precipitous drop on the far, valley side). 

  4. Return via the same path to Les Haudères.