Walk 13: Eison loop from Evolène (Distance: 12.25 km and 630m ascent)

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Walk 13:  Eison Loop, from Evolène  (Distance: 12.25 km and 630m of ascent).

This walk gives a completely different view of the valley and has an excellent view of the Glacier de Vouasson.  After climbing, quite steeply at times, at the beginning, the path then undulates gently through the woods to Eison, where a café/restaurant is available for refreshments. The return is via a different, lower path to make into a circular walk.

  1. Evolène to Volovron
    From the Evolène Village bus stop (village side of the road), cross the road via the crossing and take the signposted path to the left of the chalet opposite. The path ascends to a road.  Cross the road and go up the path opposite. This path soon turns to the right and emerges at a wide track. Turn left here and follow the track to a left hand bend near a stream/waterfall.  30 metres after the bend a path goes up to the right, take this to meet the road again higher up.  Turn right for 40m and pick up the path again on the left.  The path appears to fork – go left.  On reaching the tarmac road again, follow it around an S bend for around 500m then turn right up a path (signposted) to a renovated chalet.  Follow the path up to the left of the chalet then go up through the middle of the wooden raccards, turning left towards Eison (again signposted).  Follow the grass track up to a wooden cross and turn left towards some buildings. (This is Volovron).

  2. At Volovron there is a signpost indicating the way (i.e. the same direction as you’ve been going) to Eison.  (The path is also the route for the Grand Raid mountain bike event which runs from Verbier to Grimentz).  After around 100 metres, the path forks – take the right hand fork. (The left hand fork also goes to Eison, but it drops down before ascending again).  From here the path is obvious and continuous for around 3km to Eison.  When you reach Eison, follow the tarmac road through the village, noting the signpost on the left hand side indicating a path to Evolène.  If necessary, continue along the road for around 100 metres to the café/restaurant.

  3. Eison return
    From the café/restaurant, return along the road for 100 metres to find the signpost on the right hand side.  Follow this path down for just 20 metres and then turn right (sign on building).  Descend to the road and cross over that, then follow the sign / path down to a raccard and another signpost (slightly back to the right).  Turn left here.  After approximately 500 metres (just before the track ends) there’s a signpost – turn right down here along a grassy path.  This path will bring you back through the woods, past a small chapel as you near Evolène.  The track comes out at the road into Evolène (just after the tunnel), so take care when walking along the road.  Keep well to the left hand side, facing the traffic.  Soon you will arrive back in Evolène.