Great Haywood Junction, nr Stafford, England

Last week Judith and I were back in the UK visiting our respective families.  While in the Midlands, we had a few hours to spare, so we decided to take a walk along the canal near Great Haywood Junction.   Though I should really say canals, as that’s where the Trent and Mersey canal meets the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal.  It’s like a T junction – see first pic showing a map of the area.

As you will see, it was a pretty grey day, but there’s always something interesting to photograph – not least, in this instance, Shugborough Hall and the fascinating design of Essex Bridge.  Twice I had to step to one side into one of the V shapes ‘laybys’ – once for a jogger and the second time for 3 ladies on horseback.  It was clearly a popular route. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Great Haywood Junction, nr Stafford, England

  1. Nice shots Mike, I really like the mono of the bridge it gives it the right feel. Always fascinated by old canals especially in an industrial setting, there seems to be a beauty even in decay and grime. This setting is glorious looking countryside.

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    • Many thanks for your kind comments. As you say there’s a certain something about canals which draws you in and along. It’s always very peaceful too – away from all the usual traffic noise. (I think I may have seen a butterfly today, but I couldn’t be certain or say what kind).

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        • With the morning temperatures as they are (around zero) I certainly wasn’t expecting to see any butterflies. So it was a bit of a surprise when this thing (apparently) leapt off a tree covered in moss and flitted away. My first thought was butterfly, but then as the flight was quite direct, I thought it could be a very small bird. But since we don’t have any birds of that size… I presumed it must be a tortoiseshell, as they are usually one of the first to appear in our valley.

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