I received such positive feedback on the village photographs in my last post, (thank you Jet and M.Oniker), that I decided to take a few more pictures for you to enjoy.  But first, a little background…

Evolène is a village at around 1,380m (4,525ft) in the Val d’Hérens, which itself is in the southern part of the Valais canton of Switzerland.  The population of the whole commune (which includes the neighbouring villages of Les Haudères, Villa, La Sage, La Forclaz and Arolla) is only about 1,700.  Despite this relatively low number, we have 8 bar/restaurants in our village alone.  These survive due to the number of visitors that we get both during the winter, for skiing, and the summer for walking, cycling or mountaineering.  I read that 55% of the available light (i.e from when it appears from, or disappears, behind the mountains), is sunshine.  And with little wind and a fairly dry atmosphere, not to mention some beautiful scenery, you can see why it’s quite popular.

At the moment we have the annual Carnival, which this year runs from 6th January to 5th March, (this explains why some of the pictures still show what appear to be Christmas decorations) and in the summer from 10th to 15th August there will be the biannual, CIME mountain folklore festival.  More posts to come on these no doubt… 😄

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    • I’m not sure exactly how old they are. Some of the wood and stone buildings have dates on them, so I would imagine they were built around the same time. As you can see from some of the photos and the map at the end, the buildings in the old part/centre of the village are huddled together. I presumed that was to keep warm during the winter and to be close to the road. The road which goes around the village wasn’t built until quite recently. I didn’t mention it, but there are several farms in the village too, with maybe only 10 or 12 cows each. These days the cows typically live in the lower part of the (now more modern) barns, with hay stored above, but those old buildings would have been used to store the hay originally. Some are being converted into (very small) holiday chalets.

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  1. I so appreciate your quick response with more Evolene village photos, Mike, and I thoroughly enjoyed viewing each photo. Great to see the classic Swiss chalet architecture with the sloping roof and wide eaves. I loved seeing the range of variations–the apartments, the tall apt. building, and the new vs. old. Also enjoyed the blue sky and fluffy snow, the narrow streets, the towering Alps, and the decorations. Excellent post, thanks so much.


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