Walk from Euseigne to Sion, Switzerland

We’re having some pretty incredible weather here in the Val d’Hérens at the moment.  Since we returned from the UK last week, it’s been blue skies all the way and at least one forecast suggests it will continue for another 10 days, at least… (see pic 1).  😅  Early morning temperatures are still pretty cold mind you, with the ground frozen and as soon as the sun drops behind the mountains (currently around 3pm in Evolène) the warmth disappears instantly.

So I have little or no excuse for not going out for a walk, except that all the paths in the upper valley are still covered in snow and that’s turning into a squelchy wet mush under the sun, before freezing again overnight.  Undeterred I decided to drive down the valley to the village of Euseigne, where most of the snow has now disappeared and walk right down the valley to Sion, before catching the Postbus back to Euseigne.

The total distance of the walk was around 15k or just over 9 miles.  I had a few minutes to spare before the bus arrived, so I decided to run, well jog, another 1k around a 400 metre track which was laid out around a football pitch.  (See last pic).

16 thoughts on “Walk from Euseigne to Sion, Switzerland

        • My aim is to please. 😀 The avalanche yesterday was in the ski resort of Crans Montana. (You may have heard of it as it’s also famous for its golf course, which hosts a European Tour event). It’s down the valley from here then across and to the right on the other side of the main Rhone valley – less than an hours drive away. (Think of us as being down a spur going south of the Rhone, which goes west to east at that point). There are avalanches all the time throughout the winter, sometimes with one or two deaths, but this was particularly bad because it went right across the ski piste, where you would normally assume that you were safe. I understand (latest news via my wife is that) 4 people were rescued and 1 died from his injuries, though I guess there could still be people buried, not found yet. All reported missing persons have been accounted for, but you never know if an individual or couple were there and nobody has raised the alarm yet. It’s extremely lucky as they say 8,000 people were there yesterday. (It is a big resort). By a strange quirk of fate, it happened on the 20th anniversary of a HUGE avalanche in our valley (between the villages of Evolène and Les Haudères), which wiped out many chalets and killed 12 people. Bizarrely also, we normally get amber or red warnings after fresh snowfall, but, as you may have read, it’s been very sunny here for the past week. I presume the mountain/rock heated up, melted the snow underneath and the weight of the snow created the initial slide, and once it starts everything usually goes with it. This is also one of the reasons I avoid walking high up at this time of year!


        • Wow, how scary it can be! The news said here as many as 12 people are missing. Well, you know, the news can be unreliable. I’ve got it straight from a local’s ‘mouth’! 🙂 Seriously, I hope there aren’t others missing. Glad you stay safe, Mike! 🙂

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        • That’s very kind of you to think of me/us! 😊 You are right, the initial reports said 12 missing, but I guess it’s difficult for them to know for certain. My wife said that they had 48 enquiries, but all of them have been accounted for. Let’s hope there are no more. 🤞🤞

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