Skiing in Nax

I think it’s fair to say (if I haven’t said this already before) that Judith and I are fair weather skiers.  Last year, the conditions were not great so we didn’t go skiing at all.  However, the forecast for yesterday was good and it was the opening day of the season for the Nax ski resort, so it just had to be done.  I should add that Judith and I are not the greatest skiers in the world but, with views like this (and as you will observe, a definite lack of people), it’s a fabulous way to spend the day.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years. 🎄🎁 Cheers! 🍻

24 thoughts on “Skiing in Nax

    • Yes, the last 2 or even 3 years it has been disappointing, with the snow coming around new year or just after. Though ‘a little bird’ told me (last summer) that the winters from this winter onwards were going to be colder than normal (due to the sun not being as active or something like that).
      To be certain of snow, (and longer daylight of course) I would recommend mid January through to the end of February, but nothing in life is certain of course…
      Sorry for the delay in my reply, but I’ve just got back from my travels. :-

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