Happy New Year everyone!

A very happy new year to all my followers and indeed anyone stumbling across this post by accident!  I hope you all have a wonderful and healthy 2018.

Tomorrow, I shall be jetting off Down Under to see my elder daughter, Joanne in Melbourne.  I’ll be away for a little over 3 weeks, collecting more material for this blog of course, so please forgive me if I don’t Comment upon, or Like, many posts while I’m away.

BUT, I wouldn’t want to leave you without an image, or two, to keep you entertained… And I’ve been thinking about changing my approach to some posts, to make it (perhaps) more interesting.  So here is the first in a series of my favourite ‘archive’ photos, all (except one) were taken in Switzerland sometime before 2010…

The Chateau D’Oex Balloon festival takes place every year in January/February.  As you can see I struck lucky with the weather. 🙂

1 Chateau D'Oex Balloon Festival

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