The Grand Old ‘Uke’ of York

I got a Christmas card from my mate Andy the other day.  Nothing unusual in that you might think but, intriguingly, it contained a reference to a Youtube link, with no explanation as to what it was.

Now, I should add that I worked with Andy, waaaaay back when, for what was then called Rowntree’s in York (England).  He was one of our regular “Lunchtime runners” and a good runner he was too.  His best marathon time was around the 2h 30min mark.  Though, curiously, during training, he would often be at the back and leave Pete, Liam, Dave, Tim, Colin and I to battle it out in a sprint finish.  But put him on the start line of a race and he was gone!  Anyway, he got fed up of the corporate life and he left to teach people how to play the guitar.

Clearly his repertoire extends to the Ukelele too, as he and some friends have banded together to produce this (rather excellent I have to say) video below, which features many of my old haunts in York, including the Shambles, the Black Swan, the Theatre Royal, the Minster and Bootham Bar (that’s one of four fortified entrances to the city by the way, not a pub!)

For info. Andy, is the one in the natty, Fairisle jumper and playing the ukelele in front of the roaring fire.  Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “The Grand Old ‘Uke’ of York

  1. Aawwww – that was lovely! They must have filmed in the middle of the night to get empty streets though!! I’m visiting York in the new year to meet up with some uni friends so I’m looking forwards to it even more now!


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