Pas de Lovégno and Col de Cou

With temperatures soaring into the mid-20’s (C or 70’s F) over the next few days, today was not a day for running.   Some form of exercise was needed though, so I set out to do a completely new walk from Trogne, over the Pas de Lovégno and into the Val de Réchy, returning via the Col de Cou.  This is an area Jude and I had seen many times while skiing in Nax, but it looked completely different today in the summer sunshine.

I was pleasantly surprised to spot a new buttefly (for me anyway – see pic 11), quite a rare plant (if my identification is correct – see pic no. 15) and some cute looking Valaisan Blacknose sheep (pics 19 and 20).  The buvette also came in handy for a much needed refreshment. 🙂

I also met and chatted to two lovely Swiss couples from Yverdon-les-Bain.  I met them on the ascent (they’re almost visible on pics 5 and 6) and also during the descent.

10 thoughts on “Pas de Lovégno and Col de Cou

    • The Val de Réchy is extremely peaceful as there are no roads or even tracks there. I would imagine the sheep had been herded up there, like they are up (& down) the Gemmi pass each year. (I’ll send you a picture of that as I don’t think I’ve posted anything on it).
      The start of this walk was maybe 20 minutes drive away from our chalet and the one last week started about a mile up the road. (Jude dropped me off on the way to the shop !) Almost all of my walks are in the Val d’Hérens, with the furthest start (the Thyon Ridge walk – like the start of the race on Sunday) being about a 45 minute drive away. Many go straight from our door. 🙂


    • Thanks David. We’re in the French speaking area of Switzerland. French is spoken all the way from Geneva, through most of Vaud and into most of the Valais. The next valley along from us is also French speaking, though after that it’s predominantly German. English is pretty much understood (if not always spoken) everywhere in the touristy regions. (I was going to be a smart Alec and try to respond ‘en francais’, but my French is not that great I’m afraid – despite living here for over 10 years ! That’s what corporate life does for you – where English is the business language).

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      • That’s very interesting to know Mike. I’ve been sharing your blog with my better half and she’s as amazed by the pictures of the landscapes as I am. We’re always looking to visit new places and we find your photos enchanting. We’re looking for something special for our honeymoon next year. We’ll go anywhere but I do like French speaking places. I speak a little French. By no means fluently- but certainly more than any native French speaker expects from an English man! As such we often get a warm welcome whenever we travel in France or Corsica.


        • Hi David. Many thanks for your nice comments, they’re much appreciated. I always say that it’s hard to take a bad picture in Switzerland so, yes, it is a beautiful part of the world. I presume you have picked up on the fact that we run a self-catering or B&B/Chambres d’hotes chalet(?). If not please check out We have already had one honeymoon couple this year, so we would be delighted to welcome you both if you decided to stay with us. I guess it would depend upon the time of year as to whether the Val d’Hérens or Corsica was preferred ! I have to say that the walking is best here from around mid-June to late September. If you ski of course (or even if not) then January to March is best for the snow ! You can contact me directly on if you wish.

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        • If it’s in the last 3 weeks of June then we are booked already I’m afraid. But I could help you to find a suitable place to stay. If it’s the first week, then we are planning to remove the apartment from the website, but give couples a discount for the chalet – which would make the price similar to the apartment. Or you could come over at half term of course. 🙂

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