Pas de Lovégno to Col de Cou Ridge Walk

I mentioned earlier in the year that I hoped to post some ‘new’ walks this year and yesterday I did a variation of the walk into the Val de Réchy.  Instead of dropping down from the Pas de Lovégno into the valley, I went along the ridge to the Col de Cou.

I was accompanied almost all the way by one or more butterflies and I’m grateful for them for giving me an excuse to rest during the 1,200m/4,000ft of ascent to the col from the village of Trogne.  I’d hoped the ridge would be a straightforward walk, but it undulated much more than I’d expected and I had to do a bit of scrambling and watch my footing in several places.  Nevertheless, it provided some magnificent views of the distant mountains.

My apologies for posting so many photos and for not being able to identify all of the butterflies and flowers, but it proved to be a long and very rewarding day and I thought I should share it… 🙂


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