The Dee Way, Part 1, Day 5 (of 5), Llangollen, N. Wales to Chirk, England

Overnight the temperature rose by around 10 degrees and my last day promised to be warm and dry. 👍👍😊 Though this did mean, of course, that the snow would be melting fast and some sections could be wet and boggy or slippery. However, for 4 days I’d been walking in my waterproof jacket and trousers (see first pic of day 1), so it was a relief and almost liberating, to be able to wear just my normal walking trousers, a tee shirt and a jumper.

I had planned 2 routes for this day, each with its own merits; one was flat, along the canal, while the other went up and down Dinas Bran (where there’s the ruins of a medieval castle) and then along a section of Offa’s Dyke path, called the Panorama walk (which I’d done some years previously with my old mate, Tim). Since it was going to be fine, I chose the latter and extended it a little by doing the second half of the other route.

It was quite slippery on the ascent of Dinas Bran and, as any regular walker will testify, descents can often be more difficult. And so it proved, as I reached the last section… Two young ladies were picking their way, very carefully, up what was probably the normal path, but I decided to avoid them and go off to the right where there seemed to be less, smooth wet grass and more snow. I expected to get a better grip, but very soon I realised that I had very little traction at all. In an instant, I started taking very quick, little steps, which turned into a mini shuffle and then run down the hill. While trying to stop, I slid on two feet for a short distance and feared I was going to topple head first down the hill. So the only solution was to fall backwards to come to a more controlled stop!

As you’ll see in pic 7, I slid quite a way, but the worst part was that I was absolutely soaked through to the skin. My jumper and trousers and almost everything underneath were drenched. Apart from the presence of the 2 ladies, (who obviously had a good laugh at my expense), all my dry gear was packed away, deep in my rucksack and there was no way that I could get it all out and get changed with all the snow and slush about. So, a little further on, I found a dry(ish) patch and quickly replaced my wet gear with my waterproof jacket and trousers! All was not lost though as, about a mile further on, when the coast was clear along the dry road, I dug out another pair of trousers and jumper etc. and finished the walk in a dry set of normal clothes.

Let’s hope Part 2, later this year, from Chirk to Hoylake, will have better weather! 🤞🤞

6 thoughts on “The Dee Way, Part 1, Day 5 (of 5), Llangollen, N. Wales to Chirk, England

  1. It was quit an adventures first part of your walk. Lucky for you that you reached your destination without any accident (wet clothes will dry)…. I liked the pictures of the aquaduct (or channel) in your series. Thanks for sharing your 5 days and looking forward for part to under better weather conditions.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed your virtual walk across most of Wales. (The border into England is half way across the 2nd, Chirk, aqueduct). The second part is mostly in England or along the border, I’ve not checked the route in detail yet. Thanks for your interest and kind comments.


  2. I came upon Day 5 here before seeing the previous days, so I will go back to Day 1 to learn about your big adventure. But I sure enjoyed this post, Mike. The description of your journey and the photos are fantastic. I really appreciate the maps and info, and the photos are as wonderful as ever. I really like the aquaduct photos, the way you captured the immensity and the beautiful lines of arches. Canals, trails, flora, views…terrific post.

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  3. The high bridges are very cool shots, as well as the castle remnants! Love the decorated garden of ornaments and napping goose, sweet. Wow, the snow really melted fast and yes that was a long slide down! What a fantastic 5-day adventurer, I enjoyed following along (in my warm chair) 😉

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    • I’m very pleased that you enjoyed the walk (and the few bird shots). Those aqueducts and viaducts are certainly impressive structures. And, of course, I thought of you when I saw all those ornaments in the garden! Many thanks for your comments Donna. 😊

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