Arrived in North Wales…

My sincerest apologies for being off the radar for the past month or so, moving house is bad enough, but moving countries has its challenges. There’s been more admin signing out of Switzerland (e.g. changing addresses and cancelling health, accident, house and car insurance) than signing in to Wales (though getting car insurance has also been a bit difficult, due to our Swiss driving licences). And crossing the border, especially out of France, with a van load of our belongings, turned into a bit of a nightmare. (We had to empty almost all the van, which took a day to load, to prove that we had no migrant stowaways). But we’re here now and all is well…

As you will see from the above header photo, we have a lovely view and plenty of wildlife has been to welcome us to our new home. There are 3 buddleia bushes in the garden, so several butterflies have visited over the past 3 weeks, as has at least one dragonfly and a very friendly pheasant. The previous occupant had obviously fed him as he comes running when you open the kitchen window. We’ve called him Phil. (He looks a bit bedraggled below as it was pouring with rain the other morning).

I still have at least 2 Swiss walks to post sometime, but I thought you might like to know that Jude and I are still alive and well… 😊

21 thoughts on “Arrived in North Wales…

    • Yes, thanks Brian. The weather had been pretty good up until this week. It’s quite bright outside now but blowing a gale! I don’t think I’ll ever master the Welsh language, so well done to you for knowing at least some of it! (I had to use Google to translate the first bit!)


  1. So glad that your move from Switerland to Wales went well (a part from the problems at the F/UK boarder….ppffttt terrible. The view you have from your new home is awesome. Make from your new house also a new home 🙂

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  2. Oh .. good news Mike, you have finally settled, safely and securely, in your new home. The header says it all, it’s a lovely place you have chosen, which is also confirmed by your beautiful photos in the collage. Nice to meet Phil too..😁

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