Yet More Bugs and Butterflies from the Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

With just under 3 weeks to go before we leave these ‘shores’, I’m fast running out of time to catch up on my posts. I have two long walks and a short holiday to catch up on and, with all the packing and organising, you may well be reading about them when we’re settled in North Wales! (I’ll have plenty of time then, as it’ll no doubt be raining!)

Anyhow, I’ve again been out taking some photos in my local ‘hotspot’ (also known as a car park and a trench to catch any rockfalls) and here are the best of the bunch. My apologies for not naming them but time is short…

All these pictures were taken on either the 8th or 9th August.

26 thoughts on “Yet More Bugs and Butterflies from the Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

  1. I guess you’m right Mike, you’ll have plenty of time later on when the rain falls and all memories catch up. Here in Cyprus i’m trying to learn the art of doing nothing but swimming in the sea, it’s still too hot here 😎
    The photos you show are, as usual, absolutely amazing, detailed, colorful and just so beautiful!!!!

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    • Thanks Hanna. That red spotted one is a Six-spot Burnett. I like it when they actually look like what they are called as it makes it so much easier to remember. But I’ve no idea at all what the tiny thing is in picture 14. It looks like some kind of moth.


  2. What a stunning collection, Mike. Beautifully shot and composed. Number 10 on the purple flower is particularly eye-catching and the red and black one is incredible! Great post.


  3. Some lovely shots there, Mike. What an amazing variety of butterflies – other insects too. Have a feeling you’re going to miss it a bit when you cross the channel. You’ll be getting heart palpitations each time you see a Small Copper or a Chalkhill Blue next year. Still, excitement in scarcity and all that. And I’m sure there’ll be unexpected delights in North wales. Will look forward too hearing and seeing what that landscape has to offer.

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    • Thanks David. Yes, I’m sure I will miss ‘my’ butterflies. I’ve just been out for an hour near the car park (to get an almost last minute ‘fix’) and captured at least 10 different ones. They are mainly the same as this post unfortunately, but I’ll check through them and see what pops up.

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  4. Awesome finds and photo compositions, Mike! Running through them singularly, my favorite is #12 07676, what a stunning setup and lighting on the butterfly’s wings! Best wishes for a smooth transition to your new chapter in life together. I will miss your mountain scenes and hikes, but I’m looking forward to see what you find in North Wales!

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