Riverside walk to Les Haudères, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

I’m an eternal optimist. So, when the forecast suggested that there might be a little sunshine today, I decided to take my camera for a walk along the River Borgne. However, as you will see from the photos below, the sky remained stubbornly grey (at least until I got back home = Sod’s Law!)

In an attempt to add some colour and maybe a bit of festive cheer into my photos, I wandered up to Les Haudères to find some Christmas decorations. I particularly liked the skiing snowman (who presumably lights up at night) together with the heart bearing teddy bear. (See pic 12).

10 thoughts on “Riverside walk to Les Haudères, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

    • At the time I thought one was a large dog and the other a deer, but now, I don’t think it was a deer. One could have been a wolf. That’s about the ‘wildest’ animal we get around here (not counting the deer or foxes of course) – no big cats nor bears (to my knowledge anyway – thankfully). 😊


    • Thanks Brian. The weather was supposed to be better than the previous day, when we sat outside the restaurant in La Sage having lunch, with the sun streaming down. We did get a little sun later yesterday, but it didn’t last long. This morning we have a dull mist hanging over the valley, but snow promised for later and tomorrow… 👍👍 (then -8 degrees on Saturday morning!) It’s been quite a changeable December but I think much better than the damp weather you’ve been experiencing in the UK.

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      • Damp? Yesterday was foggy ’till evening then torrential rain and a north/east gale all night. Surprised the garden and pond hadn’t become one by morning! A couple of leaks in the conservatory but we are lucky when you read of others under water. Gotta love the UK!

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        • OMG! I hope the garden recovers and you get the conservatory leaks plugged! Is that one of the perils of living on the east coast or was that weather widespread? (I’d read that it had been a pretty gloomy last couple of months but not THAT bad!) I feel bad now for moaning about grey skies!

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        • It was rough but before it moved across the country to the east the storm flooded out Wales and the south/west.
          The garden looks surprisingly good (haven’t walked on it yet) and the conservatory will have to wait ’till it’s drier and warmer. A quick glance and the flashing ‘seems’ ok but it was the first time since we moved we had weather from that direction, it found a way in somewhere.

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