Snowy Riverside Walk, Evolène, Valais, Switzerland

This morning I went for a stroll down through the village and along the riverside to the first footbridge and back. You cannot normally walk on the prepared cross-country ski piste which runs along the far side of the river, but it’s not yet ready for action. So I took the opportunity to go that way before it becomes off limits.

Before setting off, Jude heard the sound of some ‘unusual’ birds twittering outside. We went to investigate and discovered two Alpine Accentors having a right old beak wag on our bedroom balcony. Goodness knows what they were saying to each other. They are the most placid of birds and were not bothered at all when we both pointed cameras in their direction. I even had the time to take a short video, which I’ve added below the gallery. I hope you enjoy! 😊

7 thoughts on “Snowy Riverside Walk, Evolène, Valais, Switzerland

  1. I so enjoyed this brisk walk in the Alps, Mike. Looks pretty chilly, but so very beautiful. I have never heard of Alpine accentors, and I know a lot of birds. So I looked them up on Wikipedia and found that they have an unusual social mating system, so maybe that pair were just fed up with the complications. Your photos are breathtaking, Mike. I espec. liked seeing the River Borgne, and remember it well from your warmer weather photos, too. #17 looks like a Christmas card. Holiday cheer to you and Jude.

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