Bricola Hut (Walk 20) – Ferpècle Glacier hole update

Just to recap, for new readers or those with short memories…  I’ve created a list of 31 walks in the Val d’Hérens region and, so far, I think I’ve managed to post something about 26 of them*.  I promise to catch up with the missing 5 and to do some new ones, but for today it’s an update on the hole which appeared in the Ferpècle glacier last year  and a repeat of Walk 20, which I did with my mate Pete in September.
*Note that you can use the Search facility on the About page to look for ‘Walk xx’ or to find a particular place.

It never ceases to amaze me how diverse the alpine flowers are, with their different shapes, sizes and wonderful colours.  Even though I’ve seen almost all of them before, I still find it fascinating to photograph them.  It must have taken me the best part an hour to cover only a few hundred yards, before the path started to climb out of the valley.  I’ve done my best to identify each one from my Swiss Alpine Club ‘Our Alpine Flora’ book, but please don’t take my word for any of them !

As for the glacier – the hole is still there and, as far as I can see, it’s hardly changed at all. 🙂

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