Kingston upon Hull, Old Town pubs

Anyone who knows me, knows that I like a beer or three…  So it was no surprise to find me wandering around the old part of my ‘home’ town of Hull (full name Kingston upon Hull) during a recent visit to see my family.  (With thanks to my sister, Karen, for devising the route and keeping me on the straight and narrow !)

In 2017 Hull will become the European City of Culture so it was purely in the interests of research (of course) that we decided to seek out some of the best real ale establishments for this ‘report’. 🙂  My top 3 recommendations would be The Sailmakers, Ye Olde Black Boy and The Lion and Key.

6 thoughts on “Kingston upon Hull, Old Town pubs

    • Indeed I have, though not recently. Together with some of the guys in the office, we used to go on mini-bus trips from York, taking in about 6 pubs. (The driver only had soft drinks of course). On one trip, when some of the guys were taking their time over their pints, I had two Old Peculiars. I probably had a hang-over the next day. 😦

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