Bricola Hut and Ferpècle glacier hole update

We have five people staying in our chalet this week, who are part of a group of 16 who are challenging themselves to climb various mountains in order to raise money for the Indee Rose Trust.   After climbing the 3,796m (12,454ft) Pigne d’Arolla, one of their number, Andy, decided he needed a bit of a rest, while the others went off to the Zermatt valley.

Today he was sufficiently recovered to accompany me up the Ferpècle valley to the Bricola hut to check on the latest status of the hole which appeared in the Ferpècle glacier 2 years ago.   As reported last year, it’s still more or less there, but starting to collapse towards the front.

2 thoughts on “Bricola Hut and Ferpècle glacier hole update

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