More Bugs, Skippers and Butterflies

I’ve had such a wonderful response to my previous post, I thought I’d share a few more pictures taken last week. I’m not very good on Skippers, so I’ve made my best guess at the two below. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

As you will see there are only a few photos, but I think I may well make up for that in my next post(s)… 😊

6 thoughts on “More Bugs, Skippers and Butterflies

    • Thanks for the confirmation Brian. I wasn’t sure about the Lulworth, but it looked quite like the one in my tiny Collins gem guide! (The Large was a male I presume due to the black scent line). I have a few interesting pics from my walk on Sunday, which I’m quite pleased with – including an Alpine Heath. 😊

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