Flowers, Grasshoppers and Butterflies…

Jude and I are now back home in Switzerland. We were only away for a month, but to look at the garden you would think it was for 3 months! Had it not been for the local farmer cutting a swathe down our drive and through our field, (pic A1), I’m sure we would have had difficulty finding the chalet! Various things had popped up in the lawn around the chalet. Well, I say lawn, but it’s just a mixture of grass and weeds really. And it was doing its best to encroach onto our pebbled ‘beaches’.

This of course meant that the local wildlife were in abundance. Not for nothing is our chalet called Les Criquets, though the crickets are way outnumbered by the grasshoppers!

And, where there are flowers, there are inevitably butterflies… 😊

25 thoughts on “Flowers, Grasshoppers and Butterflies…

  1. Your “lawn” looks very similar to ours! All those blow ins constantly arriving from the countryside round and about – no point trying to tame it. And I’m guessing, anyway, you like it almost as much as much as the butterflies clearly do. Quite a variety. Love the orange-gold one with the dark border.

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    • Yes, we leave the ‘field’ (seen in pic 1) to do its own thing. The farmers come twice a year to cut it all down to store for the cows in winter.
      The area around the chalet we try to keep looking something like, but it will never look like the Centre Court! I didn’t have the time to look up the butterflies, but I’m presuming the orange one is a Scarce Copper (Heodes virgaureae). We get a lot of them around here. At least they are easily seen with that bright colour. 😊

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  2. It’s still quite lovely. A glass of lemonade or two, or a cold beer, and let the cleanup begin.

    The photo of the orange butterfly on the yellow flower should be a greeting card. πŸ‘πŸΌ Donna

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  4. Welcome home! Everything might be a bit overgrown but still lots of beauty and color. Love the butterflies!! I can only imagine what I’ll find when we get home in September after being on the road since May. Thankfully, we have people taking care of things to a point too. πŸ™‚ I know our kids will be very happy to not have to do my mail every day, lol.

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