First Time Lucky…

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day. One of the presents my lovely wife gave me was a Trail camera. It has “Dual image sensors optimized for highest quality images day and night.” So, like all boys with new toys, I was onto it straight away, inserting the batteries and setting it up. I had a choice between video and still images and one called hybrid. I wasn’t sure what the hybrid option did, as the instruction booklet didn’t seem to cover that. I was so keen to get it fixed to our tree that I didn’t have time to read ALL the instructions! (I’ve subsequently learnt, via the online instructions, that it can do both video and still photos at the same time! 😊)

So yesterday afternoon, I strapped it to the tree at the corner of our garden, between 3 and 4 feet up and crossed my fingers. (No time to do a test of course!)

There was a little more snow later yesterday evening and when I awoke this morning I noticed some tracks across the garden. Yippee, I thought, I can’t wait to see what happened. Well, upon inserting the SD card into my laptop I noticed not one, but 30 files! Six of these were taken this morning (which turned out to be me shovelling the snow away and approaching the camera to remove it). All 24 of the others were taken within about 10 minutes of each other. So I was hopeful that whatever it was, it had mooched about for a bit.

In the event, the very first file showed the video below, while all the others were just falling snow. (Maybe the creature was slightly off camera). I plan to adjust the settings and try again this evening (as there’s no snow forecast). I’ll also point it out towards our field as there seems to have been a lot more activity there. We’ll see what tomorrow brings…

For the techies amongst you, the device is a Bushnell, Core DS, model no. 119977M.

Note: You’ll have to be quick at spotting what it was… (though it’s playing on a loop, so if you leave it, the animal will re-appear…) There is also a still image further below in case you missed it.

7 thoughts on “First Time Lucky…

    • I was pleased to capture something (obviously), but I was a little surprised that it was already half way across the screen before the video started. I’m more than happy to chat about the pros and cons of my device, though I am still learning what works and what doesn’t. I have just managed to load an MP4 file, (and now replaced the Trial version and text on the post) though I’m not sure why WP had an issue with it. Maybe it was that small MODD file that accompanies the MP4). Fingers crossed for this evening. As you may know, these animals seem to be creatures of habit and often walk the same routes each evening.


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    • Yes, I was really pleased to capture something on my first go. (Though the tracks in the snow give some indication of the overnight ‘traffic’). I’m finding that the camera seems to wake up to the first animal then goes on a phot/video spree 7 or 8 more times (with nothing – in view anyway). Last night it was only the fox again, though today we’ve noticed that the stags have been chewing the lower branches off our neighbour’s young trees.


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