Mike’s Music Monday #21

This week we go back to 1973 for yet another classic.  Again this video can be a bit annoying, with the clock ticking by, but I used to love all that synchronised dancing and so I thought it was better than a series of static images. 😁

12 thoughts on “Mike’s Music Monday #21

  1. Hello Mike again.

    I membered today that in 1967 Swedish instrumental guitar pop group Violents had also synchronized dance also. Violents and their Alpens Ros (translated => Rose from the Alps). I do not know if You have ever heard this kind of music, which was made famous by the Shadows. Although this kind of music (electric guitar music) was known in Sweden, it was extremely popular in Finland also.

    Here is link to one of their popular music, also known very well in Finland:

    Rose from the Alps

    In Finland I n1963 the band by name The Sounds started electric guitar music. Here is their first disk:


    Have a good day!

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