Bisse de Savièse – Torrent Neuf, Valais, Switzerland

I promised USAthroughoureyes that I would try to find a new dimension to my walks and so today we have something unusual – a flat(ish) walk in Switzerland.  I have mentioned and posted pictures of ‘Bisses’ before.  They are irrigation channels and there are quite a number dotted about the canton of Valais.  But I think this one must be the most famous, due to the precipitous nature of the path, or at least the original path.  Today, four suspension bridges help the inquisitive walker along the route, but you can still see how the bisse and path were originally built.

All of the images below were taken with my mobile phone (as I went off without my camera) and I just managed to catch the ‘thing’ in the last picture (which was a first sighting for me), before my battery ran out.  I spotted it while looking to take a photo of some butterflies, but it makes a change… 😊  I also saw what may have been 3 Jersey Tiger moths (another first) but, by then, I had no battery left… 😌

9 thoughts on “Bisse de Savièse – Torrent Neuf, Valais, Switzerland

    • That bear was made of Brass, but we do also have wood carvings, some of bears, here in the Valais region – and a carving contest, but that’s anything and everything. We have a carver who lives nearby who works mainly with a chainsaw. Check out this website: On there there is a link to “The man who made the bear”.
      A plaque on the walk said the last bear in Switzerland was killed in 1904 and so we don’t have any real ones these days.
      As an aside, and purely by coincidence, my wife and I are visiting Finland for the first time in September (from 17th to 27th). We start in Turku and then visit one of the islands before going inland to a chalet near one of the biggest lakes. Is that anywhere near you by any chance?

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      • Hello Mike.

        Thank You leaving your interesting answer. I am surprised ang glad when hearing that you will visit Turku, one island and then going to spend a holiday in a chalet by the lake. Well, we live now in Helsinki, but we will move to the next town called Espoo September 26th. May I ask name of the lake or what is the nearest town there. I know a lot of my country, but there are regions which I do not know very well. By knowing where you are going to stay, I could, I hope, help you to get more about your vacation in my country.

        Turku is beautiful town and its cathedral and castle seem to be open when you are there. Its best museum seems to be closing, sorry.

        So, let me know where you are going stay, that I could try to give some information where to visit there.

        P. S. I visited the link which you gave – gorgeous. Carved artefacts seemed to have similar ideas than in my county we have. Example:

        Sculpture park

        Another park:

        Wacky statues 2

        Happy weekend,

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        • Many thanks for your reply. I’m sure we will have a fabulous time exploring. The house is located at the south end of the lake Vesijako. Though to get there we plan to drive up the west coast at least as far as Rauma and then via Tampere. If you have a lot of information or advice, then please feel free to email me directly on Many thanks again. 🙂


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