Plockton, NW Scotland

For our last full day in the NW of Scotland, we drove around Loch Carron to Plockton and treated Jo, Aaron and Jude’s friend, Kate, to a boat ride on one of Calum’s famous* Seal Trips (where you are guaranteed to see seals, or your money back!)  I have covered this village before, but I see that it was almost 3 years ago now, so I think it’s worth another post.  Especially as, this time, Aaron and I went for a short walk to the viewpoint at An Fhrith Aird, where there is an exceptional view of where Loch Carron meets the Inner Sound between the Isle of Skye and the Scottish mainland. (See map at the end of the picture gallery).

*As featured on the BBC TV series “Paul Murton’s Grand Tours of Scotland’s Lochs”.

6 thoughts on “Plockton, NW Scotland

    • Thanks. I’d forgotten that I’d tracked that one down. I’ve taken so many pictures over the past 3 and a bit weeks, it’s all a bit of a blur. But it’s nice to go back and actually run through the pictures to remind yourself of all the things that you did! Next up, Northumberland and some more sea birds… 🙂

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  1. oh my, absolutely beautiful shots! And the seals! I probably won’t make it that far north this summer, but hopefully some of Scotland is in the books when my parents come. (that being said, re: my post, I don’t think people are disparaging of Scotland… it’s just the “midlands” between south England and the Scottish border, and I’m happy to ignore those people!)

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