Ferpècle Walk and Avalanche

A couple of weeks ago I had a free afternoon, so I drove up to Ferpècle to see how the flowers were coming out.  (I recall previously spending an hour taking photographs of many, many different plants in the space of just a few hundred yards).  However the spring in my step soon came to a juddering halt when I saw what can only be described as a scene of devastation on the track to the west flank of the valley.  A huge avalanche over the winter has flattened and completely uprooted, or broken in two, many of the trees – luckily when nobody would be in that area.  The lower lying bushes seem to have escaped the damage, perhaps due to their flexibility or maybe because they would already be submerged in deep snow.  But the whole scene was quite shocking.  Many of my family members, who follow this blog, have walked up that valley and they may also be shocked by some of the pictures below.

Thankfully, the east side of the valley was completely untouched and I’m sure the area will recover once all the debris is cleared.  But it’s incredible to think of what Mother Nature can do to itself and the immense forces involved.

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