Sicily (Part 3) – Calamosche beach

Before travelling to Sicily we’d read that Calamosche beach was one of the best in Sicily, if not one of the best in Italy.  So we had to visit but, sadly, we were disappointed.  Firstly, there a very bumpy track to get to the parking area and, we didn’t mind but, some may not fancy the 1.2k walk to get to the beach, but the beach itself was covered in (presumably) washed up rubbish and piles of dried seaweed leaves.  There was only one small area where we could enter the sea without walking or swimming amongst the leaves.  (Yes, Judith and I are crazy enough to go swimming in the Med. in March!)

A by far better beach is Marianelli, which can be reached by a slightly better track and a much prettier walk, from an entrance off the main road maybe half a mile or 800m further north, towards Noto.  It’s a much longer beach and the sand gently shelves away into the crystal clear water.

Be warned though that you might be sharing the beach with some naturists.

2 thoughts on “Sicily (Part 3) – Calamosche beach

    • Yes, it kept disappearing into that hole as I got closer, so I had to zoom in from about 7 metres away to take the picture. It was only when I got home I realised it looked a bit different from all the other lizards we’d seen. I’ve still no idea what sort it is.

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