Swiss National Route 6 – Day 2 of 4

The next stage of our journey would take us from the Marcel Brunet hut to the Cabane de Louvie.  As the crow flies, it was no more than about 2 or 3 miles, (indeed you could see the hut from the other side of the valley).  However, along the official path, it was going to be far too long for our ageing limbs, especially given that we already had a big day planned for day 3.  So, we took a short cut via Fionnay, (see last pic for our route), but not before taking in the impressive 210 metre (690 ft) suspension footbridge over the Glacier de Combassière.  Even then we covered 15.5k (10 miles) and 1,450 m (4,750 ft) of ascent.

Along the way, Dave took to bouldering on every big lump of rock he could find (and that was a lot).  I also had a nice chat with a lovely English couple, called Dan and Hollie, who were out for a day walk and live in Verbier. (I promised them I’d post their picture, so you’ll find them below…)

2 thoughts on “Swiss National Route 6 – Day 2 of 4

    • Apart from a 2 hour run last week, I’m afraid it’s my only training ! Unless I can up my mileage over the next few weeks, I’m wondering about downgrading to the Half… So how’s your training going ? Are you still up for the race ?


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