Swiss National Route 6 – Day 1 of 4

In my post on May 13th I mentioned that some friends and I were planning our annual  walk in Switzerland this year.  So it was that Pete, Liam and Dave came over last week to tackle 4 days of high level walking along part of the Swiss National Route 6.

As you can guess there are a number of Swiss National hiking routes, but we chose no. 6 as it almost passes by our chalet door here in Evolène. (See pic 1).  The plan was to be dropped off by Jude at Bourg St. Pierre, with our rucksacks packed, then hike back towards Evolène, staying in 3 different mountain huts.  The below images show our first day, where we walked about 20k (12.5 miles) with approximately 1,500m (5,000 ft) of ascent, to the Marcel Brunet hut.

With thanks to Pete for the use of some of his pictures. They are the good ones, in focus, of course !   😉


12 thoughts on “Swiss National Route 6 – Day 1 of 4

    • Ha ha ! I’m glad you spotted that! (You’re the first to mention it – in nearly 200 posts). But when does a walk become a hike ? I was probably a runner before I became a ‘serious’ walker (it’s an age thing). 🙂 Back then I used to ask the question “When does a jog become a run ?” E.g. Seb Coe (I’m showing my age there) or any top class athlete, probably jogs faster than I could ever run. (My fastest ever mile was around 5 minutes – so that’s a little slow compared to the sub-4 brigade). These days I know I’m a jogger, but I’d like to think that I was a runner once. 🙂

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