One year on already…

It’s now just over a year since Jude and I moved back to the UK and we’re no nearer finding a house of our own. But then when you rent a remote cottage overlooking the Glaslyn Dwyryd estuary (see pic 8) you will perhaps understand why… (The bar has been set extremely high).

Anyway, I’ve mentioned (I think) in a previous post how many buddleia bushes there are dotted around the area and I was bemoaning the fact that the butterflies always seemed to fly by and dismiss those in our garden as ‘same old, same old’. However, I didn’t know that they flowered again in the autumn and for the past few days our biggest bush has been awash with Red Admirals (vanessa atalanta) – sometimes 7 or 8 at a time. I’ve seen other butterflies too, but only managed to capture a Painted Lady (vanessa cardui).

15 thoughts on “One year on already…

  1. I didn’t think buddleia flowered twice either but then it’s been a rum ol’ year, noticed one of my native primroses has got a flower on it!
    Turned decidedly autumnal over this side the past few days so not many butters about.

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    • Could be the Gulf Stream effect! Temperatures are forecast to be around 15-17 this week, which isn’t bad in my book. And, of course, it feels much warmer when the sun comes out. Just managed to capture a Small White and a Small Tortoiseshell too. I also saw a Speckled Wood yesterday or the day before – it landed on my car tyre. But I had no time to get my phone out before it was off again.

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  2. Truly a treat to see your butterflies and buddleia here, Mike. And it’s easy to see why you haven’t bought a house yet when you have such a grand place with incredible open landscapes like this one. wow! What a fun thing for you to discover the buddleias bloomed twice. Cheers to more beautiful discoveries.

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