Mike’s Music Monday #17

This week contains Swiss National Day*, so I’ve decided to include a song by a Swiss group, called Double, though in reality it’s mainly a guy called Kurt Maloo.  I really like it for a number of reasons, like the haunting melody, the simple piano riff, the clarinet and, when the question was asked “Who sang The Captain of her Heart?” in a pub quiz in York quite a few years ago now, I actually remembered the answer.  I still have no idea how I got that.

*The 1st August is also Yorkshire Day.  Ey up, didn’t tha knows?  But I figured this song might go down a bit better than a rendition of Ilkley Moor Bah T’at (especially be me!)  Oh, go on then, yev twisted me arm – see darn below…  👍👍 It’s grand as ‘owt!


2 thoughts on “Mike’s Music Monday #17

  1. Enjoyed “Double”, at least what I could hear of it over the beeping trucks and the construction noise that started at 6 bleeping 30 this morning. Brian Blessed rapping was unexpected. 😀 By the way, where yer hat?

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    • Hopefully you can listen to it again when things quieten down. It’s quite relaxing. And I now have a hat so I’ll definitely be wearing it when I go out (in the sunshine anyway) and especially on Ilkley Moor. 😊


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