No Run, but Riverside Walk

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (see post last Sunday), I should have been going for a long run today… This week the problem was that I went out on Tuesday and, after a stonkingly good outward 6.3k/3.9 miles*, my calf tightened up and I had to walk all the way back. ☹  So, I’m resting it for another couple of days.
*The only saving grace was that my pace for the 6.3k averaged around 5m 17s per km or 8m 30s per mile (which is much better than I expected).

I needed to get some exercise though, so I went for a walk, of around 9km/5miles, alongside the river.

25 thoughts on “No Run, but Riverside Walk

  1. WOW! now THAT is snow… I am about to post some pics of our snow, but all of a sudden I’m thinking its a bit ‘sad’ *lol*
    Tell you what I ran/walked in the snow on Saturday… my thighs yesterday felt like I had tried to kick start a jumbo jet! phew… they ached!
    Your river walk will not have gone amiss… its sitting on the couch that will! GO YOU!!! x

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