Snow, snow and more snow…

Across Europe and North America (from what I’ve read about the Bills v Colts game) there was a lot of snow yesterday.  Even the ever-reliable Swiss train service was affected between St Maurice and Brig and 100 cars were ‘stuck’ and had to be rescued on the motorway.

So, what a day to run out of milk!  It snowed all day in Evolène yesterday and we had the most snow we’ve ever seen in the 6 and half years we’ve lived here.  I didn’t measure it, but I can confirm that the snow was thigh deep!

After clearing a path to the end of our drive, I waded down to the main road where, amazingly, cars were still running by and walking was somewhat easier thanks to the partially cleared snow.  On the way back, I helped our neighbour dig out his car from our parking area before he headed down our (n.b. uncleared) road.   I followed with the shovel in case he got stuck, but he sailed down (with his chains on of course) with a light bow-wave of snow brushing across his bonnet.


20 thoughts on “Snow, snow and more snow…

  1. OMG!!!!! Shudder!!!! I don’t like THAT much snow unless I’m on holiday in some ski resort! I had to dig me car out this week and try get to work… it’s was not fun and ended up working from home!
    But sheesh you had a LOAD!!!!


  2. Geesh! That is so. much. snow. I think you will have a fun time in it, Mike. Kind of you to help your neighbor out, too. I really enjoyed these photos, the beauty and abundance of the snow.


    • Yes it’s very beautiful until you need to go somewhere and have to dig the car out. The equivalent of the council clear our little side road but in winter, and even in summer, we park the car about 70 yards away from the chalet – which means digging a trench even to get there. And once you’ve cleared the snow off the car, you have to clear the snow from the ground. But, I suppose it all helps to keep me busy and fit(ter). 😊

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