Snow, snow and more snow…

Across Europe and North America (from what I’ve read about the Bills v Colts game) there was a lot of snow yesterday.  Even the ever-reliable Swiss train service was affected between St Maurice and Brig and 100 cars were ‘stuck’ and had to be rescued on the motorway.

So, what a day to run out of milk!  It snowed all day in Evolène yesterday and we had the most snow we’ve ever seen in the 6 and half years we’ve lived here.  I didn’t measure it, but I can confirm that the snow was thigh deep!

After clearing a path to the end of our drive, I waded down to the main road where, amazingly, cars were still running by and walking was somewhat easier thanks to the partially cleared snow.  On the way back, I helped our neighbour dig out his car from our parking area before he headed down our (n.b. uncleared) road.   I followed with the shovel in case he got stuck, but he sailed down (with his chains on of course) with a light bow-wave of snow brushing across his bonnet.


16 thoughts on “Snow, snow and more snow…

  1. OMG!!!!! Shudder!!!! I don’t like THAT much snow unless I’m on holiday in some ski resort! I had to dig me car out this week and try get to work… it’s was not fun and ended up working from home!
    But sheesh you had a LOAD!!!!


  2. Geesh! That is so. much. snow. I think you will have a fun time in it, Mike. Kind of you to help your neighbor out, too. I really enjoyed these photos, the beauty and abundance of the snow.


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