Snow stopped play…

Today would normally have been the day when I went for my ‘long run’ in preparation for a marathon in May.  However, the weather has disrupted my training twice this week.  My plan would have been to do 5 or 6k (3 miles) on Wednesday, but a few inches of snow and freezing temperatures scuppered that, as the pavements were far too icy to run on.  And today, the heavens have opened and snow is forecast all day.  Already we have about a foot of snow, so Jude and I are confined to barracks.

This means my weekly total is a big round 0k (0 miles).  But regular runners will know that it’s best just to write off the week (as you would if you had an injury or were ill) and continue with my plan from week 4 onwards. (Note that Week 1 was actually week 52 of 2018, but I couldn’t find a way to set that on Excel).

13 thoughts on “Snow stopped play…

  1. OMG! you’re doing a marathon! that’s faaaabulous!!! you just stay safe, seeing the pics here of the snow over there its a bit darn scary! I love snow but I have serious anxiety about driving in it… my little German car is guilty of said anxiety! Stay indoors, stay safe and don’t risk injury that could put you WAY back… one week is nothing! easy to make it up!

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    • Well, I hope to. I have a run planned for tomorrow – down in the valley, where I hope there’s no snow. I had to dig out the car today from about 2 feet of the stuff. I guess that’s good training too. If your car has winter tyres and you take it steady (and no sudden movements) driving in the snow is not so bad. Though usually they have cleared it by the time I venture out. As you say, better safe than sorry! 🙂


      • hmmm… I don’t have winter tyres… hubby doesnt think its worth it for four or five days a year… 😦 we have no where to store them either and they don’t offer a tyre storage system over here that I know of… luckily I can walk to work now… I find if you have a good ‘base’, a week or two off makes no real difference if you are keeping active. Shovelling snow I reckon is FAB! I remember volunteering to do our long driveway… OMG was I stiff in all new places the next day! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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        • Yes, over here it’s a bit different to the UK, where everything stops for an inch of snow, or a leaf on the line! Sadly, 2 runs of 5k and 11k don’t make a very good base, though several years of running (and I really mean several, several) has stood me in good stead. I could never run to work though (not that I would need to now) I’m a lunchtime or evening runner. I hate those 9am race starts – but they do give you plenty of time for the après-race celebrations! 🍺🍺🍺😊

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