Exhibition walk to Lac d’Arbey

A few weeks ago I mentioned that there was due to be an exhibition of photos of the Himalaya along the path which runs above Evolène, from La Giette to Lac d’Arbey.   At the time, the full set of photos had not been assembled, so today my daughter, Sarah, her boyfriend Karl and I went to check them out.  It’s a fabulous idea to encourage walkers and we passed many people along the path.

Between the three of us we took many photos and I’ve put together a selection of them below.


4 thoughts on “Exhibition walk to Lac d’Arbey

  1. Truly magnificent hike, Mike — and the photos are wonderful. What a wonderful day you and your family had together. I really like the photo of the three sacbious flowers and butterfly.


    • Hi Jet. I’m really glad that you liked the post. I only said to Sarah and Karl earlier today that the Wood Scabious picture was my favourite of the bunch (due to the composition and clarity of the image). It was Karl’s picture, so it’s he who gets the gold medal ! 🙂

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