Exhibition Walk to Lac d’Arbey

For the past 3 years the Tourist Office/Commune have organised a series of pictures along the path from Farquèses to Lac d’Arbey.  We’ve had Tibetan images, a Belgian artist and Derib, a cartoon artist.  This year it’s some black and white images of the annual winter Carnival.

I have to say, I wasn’t that impressed with the photos, so I’ve supplemented the gallery below with a number (possibly too many) photos of butterflies.  Well, there were quite a few around, so it was hard to ignore them. 😊  Indeed, Jude has suggested that I should propose to the Commune that they display a series of butterfly pictures next year.  I’d welcome your views…

I will admit that the last 2 images were not part of the walk.  They were taken later in the day from our garden.  I know that they are not great photos, but the subject matter might interest one or two bird-lovers out there and I figured that they would not get posted otherwise!

As always, I’ve made my best guess at identifying the butterflies and flowers and my apologies if I’ve got any of them wrong.  (Please feel free to correct me).

7 thoughts on “Exhibition Walk to Lac d’Arbey

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I really am not certain when it comes to all this identification. I went for the Eros Blue as I didn’t think there was enough orange on the underside, but it’s hard to tell from that photo. Also, I think the Mountain Ringlet (according to my little Collins Gem book and my online Swiss reference here: https://www.lepido.ch/moiresx/moiredelacanche/category/58 doesn’t appear to have a white dot in the centre of a black circle). But you may well be right. I’ve been out again today and I’m deliberately not posting several butterfly pictures as it takes so long to identify them (especially when alongside some equally difficult alpine flowers) and, despite being retired, I really haven’t got the time to spend on it. I’m looking forward to going on that ‘course’ with the guy who runs the website as it may make things a little easier.

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