Walk to Lac d’Arbey

I’m not sure if it’s normal, but today I took over 300 photographs.  After weeding out the duplicates and triplicates (etc!), not to mention the veryoutoffocus, I narrowed it down to 183…  And I hope I haven’t shot myself in the foot for the rest of the walking season by posting so many of them, but I couldn’t decide which to take out.  Not only that but, with there being so many, I didn’t have the time to check the names of all the flowers or the butterflies…  So my apologies for that.

Jude and I took the Postbus part way along the road to Arolla and then walked along the path to Lac d’Arbey, before descending to Evolène.  At the start of the walk there was a sign advertising an exhibition along the route of 30 photographs, all taken in the Himalaya.  The exhibition is due to start on the 2nd July, but we were treated to a sneak preview, as we passed several on the way.  Eventually we caught up with the guy who was hanging them up – see pic(s) below.  We thought it was a great idea and we assume the link with the Himalaya is due to the yaks, which are being reared along the path at La Giette.


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