Pre-amble to English Lake District walk

Long-standing followers will know from my post last year that some friends and I regularly organise walking trips together.  The main event this year will be in September, when 4 of the guys are coming over to Switzerland.  However, to coincide with my current UK visit, we organised an additional walk around the English Lake District.  Unfortunately Tim and Liam had to drop out, so that left just Pete, Colin and myself.

The first picture below shows an outline of the 4 day walk that we planned to do, with overnight stops at the Royal Oak in Rosthwaite, the Wasdale Head Inn in Wasdale, the Fish Inn at Buttermere and finally the Royal Oak in Braithwaite.  The exact route between each location would be determined by the weather, as we had both high and low level options available.

We travelled over from York the day before and stayed in a wonderful B&B called the Scales Farm Country Guest House (which turned out to be the best of the 5 that we stayed in by far, so I’d highly recommend it to anyone).  To get us into the swing of things (though without the burden of our rucksacks) we also hoped to scale Blencathra.   However, the low cloud meant that we just had to take the scenic path to the pub in Threlkeld.  🙂

Unlike last year, I plan to post pictures of each day separately as the views were, quite simply, fantastic. It may take a while though, as I have nearly 500 photos to sort out and I am still on holiday… (and the sun has just come out again !) 🙂

8 thoughts on “Pre-amble to English Lake District walk

    • Yes, I realised afterwards that I should have called the crayons, which I guess is the same as ‘coloured pencils’. I like to capture things that are a bit different, but I’m not sure if they were knitted by the teachers or the pupils !


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