Lleyn Peninsular, North Wales

For a day out, Jude and I took a drive around the Lleyn Peninsular. Jude had read about a place called Caeau Tan y Bwlch, where there were some of the last traditional fields left on the peninsular. We hoped, even expected, to see lots of wild flowers and butterflies. In the event, there were no butterflies at all (well, it was a windy day), but there were tens of Chimney Sweeper moths flitting between the orchids.

From there we went to Porth Iago and had a walk along the coastal path, (where I did at least capture my first Painted Lady of the year) before stopping at Llanbedrog beach on our way back to Ynys, near Harlech.

15 thoughts on “Lleyn Peninsular, North Wales

  1. I can feel the fresh air and smell the flowers in your post. It is colorful, vivid, and I love that you were on the ocean and zoomed in to the flowers to get a true picture of your whole day. I almost missed the tan moth on the pink flowers. kind of blended in. Nice post. Donna

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  2. And a seal too! Lovely looking walk. We’ve been on a few walks around Chichester Harbour over the last couple of days. Something very special about estuaries and rocky coastal walks. Nice pics.

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