Sion, Valais, Switzerland

Following on from my post yesterday… When I reached Sion, I had just missed the 14:10 bus back to Evolène (by about 20 minutes). This meant I had a good hour and a half to wait before the next one. So what was a person to do with all the bars and cafés closed? Answer: Take a wander around the town and, in particular, walk up to the Valere Basilica and Chateau de Tourbillon, which were also closed, but both give fabulous views of each other as well as up and down the Rhone valley.

You do see some weird and wonderful things though while wandering around. I forgot to mention yesterday that I saw a man not just taking his dog for a walk but his cat as well! (It looked like a Siamese to me, but I could be wrong and it wasn’t even on a lead). And then as I descended from taking picture 7 below, I saw a man walking backwards up a small slope, lifting his feet quite deliberately as he did so. I hadn’t realised until I looked closely at picture 8 that I’d caught him ‘in action’. As we say in Yorkshire (and Lancashire), “There’s nowt so queer as folk!”

6 thoughts on “Sion, Valais, Switzerland

  1. We used to have a guy who walked backwards here in East Finchley – for him it was a compulsion, but some folk do do it to strengthen their calf muscles. It was a shame you missed the bus, but what a nice town! No wonder mountain people live for such a long time with all those hills….

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    • I reached the ‘far end’/top of the walk about an hour and 20 mins before the bus went and decided I wouldn’t rush down. There are worse places to spend 90 minutes waiting for a bus that’s for sure. The shops were open, but it was a no brainer between wandering aimlessly around some of them and capturing some more images. Of course, if the bars had been open…😊

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  2. Switserland is a country that I lover very much. When I was young, every year we spend one month in your country. Most of the time in de German speaking region. We visited lots of places in the Valais (Wallis), Graubunden and Berner Oberland.

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