Bisses de Mont d’Orge and Lentine Walk, Valais, Switzerland

In an attempt to get away from snow-covered paths (if not sub-zero temperatures), yesterday Jude dropped me off down in Sion to do another pair of the very many bisse* walks which snake around the sides of the Rhone valley. This walk is route 212 on the Swissmobile app, though I did it in reverse, starting at the Pont de la Morge and heading up towards the village of Drône. Since I planned to catch the bus back home, I extended the walk to descend into Sion, which also took me along a very short section of the (previously posted) Bisse de Clavau.

As you will see from the gallery below, the route gives excellent views both up and down the Rhone valley as it meanders through the vineyards. I was pleasantly surprised how many birds there were flitting around. Although they are not great photos, (my camera doesn’t do zoom very well), I did manage to capture a couple of Rock Buntings and a pair of European Nuthatches (though I’ve only included a picture of one of them). Both pictures, 14 and 16, are heavily cropped, so a little blurred.

In addition, you know when you get that feeling that you are being watched? Well, I just happened to turn my head to the side during my descent from Drône and there in the field was a Roe deer. I edged forward to get a clearer view and clicked the camera straight away and I was glad I did, as it turned and ran off almost immediately. (The picture, 28, below is also cropped, otherwise you might not have seen it!)

Last but not least, I should highlight the rather rickety looking monorail, in pics 32 and 33. These are used to collect the grapes in the autumn. As you will see, some of the terracing is very steep and this saves them lugging huge quantities of grapes back to the lanes which run through the vineyards. It looks quite a precarious piece of kit and I’m not sure I’d want to be perched on that seat as it goes up and down!

*Regular readers will of course remember that ‘bisses’ are irrigation channels, built to bring water to the fields – in this case the many vineyards which blanket the south facing slopes.

12 thoughts on “Bisses de Mont d’Orge and Lentine Walk, Valais, Switzerland

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    • Yes indeed, but I doubt you will see any in the US. I think they only export a small amount and that’s to Germany. The rest is consumed within Switzerland. But then only the Swiss can probably afford it! There are some wonderful concrete tracks winding there way through the vineyards too. We used to go running along a few when I was working in Vevey (and fit enough to run of course!) The views over Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) were fantastic.

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  2. Really enjoy ‘following’ your walks- we have a chalet at La Tour but are stuck in the UK with current circumstances! Hope to get out again for some late skiing in March if allowed- but seeing familiar countryside (and inspiration for new walks) is a real tonic at the moment!

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    • And I thought we were the only Brits in the village! (I jest of course). I’m glad they bring back some happy memories. For info, (and you’re the first to know other than some of my family), I’m currently adding a new menu option to the site called Walks in the Val d’Hérens. I’ve completed the “Easy” pages and just starting the “Medium”… Have a look and see what you think. Let me know the next time you’re over and we should meet for a coffee (still at a safe distance no doubt)!


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