Ferpècle Valley Walk, Take 2…

Following on from my slight ‘mishap’ yesterday, I returned to the same car park, at almost the same time and set off to do the same walk but, this time, with a memory card in my camera! The only real difference was that my car told me it was -13 degrees C (8.6 F) instead of -11 C (12 F). Though, rather strangely, it felt warmer.

Anyway here are the photos that you (and I) missed yesterday. And, since I mentioned taking a video, I’ve also included three videos. The second and third have 2 or 3 clips stitched together to save you opening several links. If you want to see how far I got this time, I suggest you view video 2 before 3… 😉
(There is a bit of wind noise on the last clip, but it wasn’t very windy at all).

Never let it be said that you don’t get value for money on this site!! 😊

12 thoughts on “Ferpècle Valley Walk, Take 2…

  1. What a spectacular post! What utterly breathtaking views! I’m so glad you went back the next day. It looks like a tremendously long, arduous hike – how many hours were you out there and how many miles/kilometers is this? I couldn’t help but think of my one summer hiking in Austria when I saw the little Hut. Even if it is not currently in use, I wonder if it’s a sort of safe spot for someone who might get stranded when it’s getting dark! 😳

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