Six Blanc and Mont Brûlé Walk, Val de Bagnes, Switzerland

It’s not often that I start the gallery with a panoramic photo, but there’s an impressive view of the Val de Bagnes from the parking area at La Côt. From there I set off to do a walk which runs along the ridge between that valley and the Val d’Entremont.

I first discovered this walk waaaay back in 2006, when I was a ‘novice’ walker in Switzerland and I thought I was being quite adventurous climbing Six Blanc (at 2,444m or 8,018ft) and Mont Brûlé (at 2,571m or 8,435ft). How times have changed!

You will also see that I have finished the gallery with a slightly more modern ‘WC’ than the one I posted in my Cabane de la Tsa walk last week. That photo created a lot of interest, so I thought I’d redress the balance, just in case you thought all Swiss toilets were like that. 😉 (And, yes, it is a public toilet, adjacent to the car park).

4 thoughts on “Six Blanc and Mont Brûlé Walk, Val de Bagnes, Switzerland

    • Even I was a little surprised by that reflection photo. I took about 5 from different positions, but that was the best by far. (It’s hard to tell from the screen on the back of a point-and-shoot with no eye piece). And the loo certainly looks much better than the other one!


    • I was very pleased with that fence & trees reflection shot. It’s hard to tell on the back of the camera. So it was a surprise even to me when I looked on my laptop. 😊 I have some more reflections and a cross to post from today (plus another WC!)

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