Cabane de la Tsa walk, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

I think it’s fair to say that a lot of my walks are determined by the weather. Forecasts in central Europe are generally quite accurate, so whenever the Swiss méteo says e.g. Monday will be sunny, it usually is. This was the case for last Monday and, having not been up the Arolla valley for a while, I decided to do a circular walk up to the Cabane de la Tsa (@2,611m or 8,566ft) from the tiny hamlet of La Monta.

Again the route was on a south facing slope, so there was very little snow to negotiate as I approached the hut and social distancing wasn’t an issue either as I didn’t see a soul all the way around.

On the way to and from La Monta, the views were so nice and clear that I stopped the car to take a few photographs and they are numbered 1-3 and 35 & 36 in the gallery. I hope you enjoy the walk!

14 thoughts on “Cabane de la Tsa walk, Val d’Hérens, Switzerland

    • Indeed yes. They are stout of body and short of leg. A great design for pushing and shoving when ‘fighting’, which is simply them sorting out who lies where in the pecking order. They only take on another cow once, as after that the loser knows who’s boss. Though I did hear that the local lads occasionally play a little trick on them by swapping the bells, so it all kicks off again. Each cow obviously has a good ear for which bell sounds are above and below them in the hierarchy. You often see a cow move away when another approaches, even though they are looking the other way.


  1. Breathtaking panoramic views, Mike, just love those snow-tops! I was going to mention the toilet too, sure looks like you literally go while the toilet building hangs on to the mountain with cables. I don’t think I could ‘go’ in it! LOL 😉

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  3. Lots of buzz around the water closet! It is eye catching, even the loo in this region is fetching. Beats the hard plastic structures we have out this way. These photos are excellent, Mike. I love that you captured the town in the valley below the towering mountains!

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