Grand Chavalard Hike

Earlier this year, I promised you something ‘new’ in the way of walks and, with blue skies forecast, yesterday I set off to walk to the top of the Grand Chavalard (@2,900m or 9,500ft) from the small village of Chiboz.   In March I posted this picture of it, then snow covered, in the background.

What I hadn’t factored into my plan was that it had rained quite heavily the day before and there was an awful lot of early morning cloud circling around the mountain tops.  But I trusted that the forecast would eventually come good and, although the valley to the east was completely obliterated by the mist during my ascent (unlike the west side, thankfully), the clouds finally lifted… 😊



12 thoughts on “Grand Chavalard Hike

    • I did wonder (while walking yesterday) about saying the mist added to the atmosphere, but I thought that was a bit corny this morning. You are quite right of course, I am very fortunate indeed to be able to do these walks. My knees are still OK thank goodness, otherwise the descents would be absolute hell – not only that, but one slip and it can be a long way down! So, I’m very pleased that I can take you along these walks too. 🙂

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  1. Wow, Mike, these photos took my breath away. Incredible mountains! The Alps are so majestic and steep and ominous; how wonderful that you enjoy them so much. You are quite a hiker, my friend. Enjoyed seeing your selfie at the summit; the clouds and mist, the cliffs. Loved seeing the Ibex. And when I got to the photo of the black-veined white butterfly on the thistle flower I gasped….

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    • Thank you Jet. It sounds like you enjoyed the walk as much as I did! The clouds certainly add to the mystique and drama of the mountains and you definitely get a different perspective from that side of the Rhone valley. I wasn’t sure, because I couldn’t see the full horizon due to all the clouds, but my wife pointed out that the ‘snow-capped peak’ is Mont Blanc. And the wings of that butterfly were almost transparent, so I had to include it (though it was hard to choose which image to post, as I had 3 or 4 possibles, so I obviously picked the right one!) 🙂

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  2. Gorgeous captures, Mike, breath-taking as always! I love how the low clouds framed some of your photos and all that beautiful blue sky. Love the wildlife shots too, very much love the Black-veined White Butterfly, it’s golden highlights with the colorful thistle and that adorable Ibex! 🙂

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